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The West Scripts

Script “Legality”

Please be aware that some userscripts might be considered “illegal” on your local server. We are absolutely not in control of that. We are not responsible if you get banned for using any of the hosted UserScripts.

UserScript List

Guide to managing scripts


You can use GitHub Pages to host your userscript. You can then access the file using the following path:<REPO-NAME>/<FILE-NAME>

Make sure you select the master branch as a source for your GitHub Pages. Settings->Options->GitHub Pages->Source->master

Migrating Repositories to the org (keeping the commit history)

You can keep the old commits if you already had a repository. Just make a new repository in this organisation and DON’T initialise it. Then add a new remote on the old repository and push to the new remote. Your commit history will be kept.


Everyone in the organisation has Write permissions by default to all repositories. It is a script owner’s responsibility to decide whether or not he wants to keep it like that

You are free to change the content of this file however you please.

Branch rules

You can of course protect the master branch if you want full control of what code goes into your script. If you do that make sure you create a .github/CODEOWNERS file and add yourself as a Code Owner. More information about that here: