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The West 3.0


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Description & Screenshots

This is an updated and extremly enhanced version of TWLeoTools once made by Leotas.
But I added many new features and other scripts and made improvements.

TW Color tchat
TW Quick items search
TW Minimap NPC locator
TW Market best bids
TW Battle Stars
TW Kick-o-Matic (Disabled by default)

Supported languages:
German (Deutsch)
Polish (polski)
Spanish (español)
Dutch (Nederlands)
Hungarian (Magyar)
Greek (ελληνικά)
Portuguese (português)
Italian (italiano)
French (français)
Czech (čeština)
Slovak (slovenčina)
Russian (русский)
Turkish (Türkçe)

Many lines are still in English

Menu: useful shortcuts
The ghost town, Indian village, market and town forum are linked on the right side.

See the values of all sets.

New hat for new possibilities:
Find all sets and items with specified bonus.

Here you can open some helpful web pages.
It’s possible to make the window smaller and bigger.

One click to login all your worlds.
Pop-ups have to be allowed on https://www.the-west.xy!

Compare your inventory on with the one from your trading partner.
Or just hide all non-auctionable items.

A new tab in the duel window adds a duelmap with many features.

Highlight daily login bonus day 5
To not miss the daily login bonus at day 5 it will be highlighted.

Reminder at market
You get a message when you stand at a market where are items or money to pick up.

Hide completed achievements
For better overview, your completed achievements will be hidden. Click again on the current category, to unhide them.
All achievements are hidden except them in the ‘Most recent’ and ‘Heroic deeds’ sections.

Better recipe market
The recipes are sorted by their crafting level.
Recipes are listed by their craft item.
You can choose to only see recipes of a specific profession.

Show item on fansite
Hold the ALT key while clicking on an item (no matter where) and it will be displayed on
CTRL key will open the item at the TW-Calc website.

Move queued jobs and script button
This is practical when you have many scripts installed and there are already many buttons on the right side.

Send event gifts & EventRewards (Only active at Events)
There’s a link in the menu where you can see all you friends at once. But don’t click to fast ;)
(Idea from Bluep)
In the same window, you can see the rewards of the event and how much hearts/flowers you need.

Accept and finish quest at once
If the requirements are already complete, you can finish the quest with one click.

Quest on wiki
Click on the wiki symbol to open the quest page.

In the blackboard window you can see now the travel time to every city.

You get a notification when items are ready to collect.

Adds a new tab to the sheriff window.

Shows the crafting professions of all players in the chat list.

Search for solved quests in the quest book by name or id.

You can see, if the market offer is public or only for your town/alliance members.

Equipments are now in alphabetical order, you can rename them and see how many you’ve already saved.
Attention: When you rename a set, you will wear it and undress it again. You may loose health points during the process!

Open chests and cards with one click. The confirmation and result message will be skipped.

Move the set bonus and list to the right, so the popup is shorter.

Click on the button to hide the job notifications.

See in the job pop-up how many products you already have in your inventory.

You can see the number of miles next to the travel time.

Sell multiple items at once to the trader.

Use the script on your mobile browser to activate touch controls:

See the character classes in the fortbattle world ranking.

See the duel experience in player profiles.

Logout button (Disabled by default)
When clicking on the logout button you will be redirected to the main page of The West.

Remove taskbar (Disabled by default)
You can hide the taskbar completely.

Switch title and name (Disabled by default)
Switch the title and player name in the town hall like it was long time ago.

Stop button blinking (Disabled by default)
You can remove the blinking animation on all the buttons on the left side. This is useful when your Computer has a weak CPU or only few RAM.

Remove fort battle reminder (Disabled by default)
If you think the reminder for next fort battle on the left side is annoying, you can just hide it.

Hide “Friend online” pop-ups (Disabled by default)
You always get a little notification when a friend comes online. Now you can deactivate that.

You can disable and enable most features manually and choose your language.


Install first the browser extension for your browser:

Now install the user script.

Smartphones & Tablets